Hey there. I'm Holly, and this is my portfolio. You'll find it's a mishmash of comics, illustration, graphic recording at events, and animation. But two themes emerge from all of that, which shape my work: science (especially ecology), and travel.

A bit about me: I'm a scientist-turned-illustrator; my background is in earth and environmental sciences, and I'm currently finishing up my master's thesis in visual science communication as I shift into full-time illustration. I live in Germany at the moment (and have done for the last three years), though I hail from California originally - and have lived in Italy, Scotland, Costa Rica, France and Denmark in between. Possibly I'm just incredibly indecisive... but I've also got itchy feet and an unceasing desire to explore new places.

[imagine some sort of infographic about all the places I lived and when and for how long].

During all those moves I've learned (and then promptly forgotten) some different languages, broken some different bones, become a way better cook — and I've begun to draw the world around me. I hope you enjoy exploring my site.