Editorial Illustration with Simon Væth

Last week we had the great opportunity to work with Simon Væth, an illustrator out of Copenhagen whose work doing editorial illustration for magazines is honestly beautiful. We had a series of short assignments in which we had to create illustrations to accompany articles on various topics, including bed-sharing in relationships (or rather, an absence of bed-sharing!) and how technology helps or hurts our work-life balance. 

For bed-sharing, I did a line drawing & a separate sketch with pencil shading, scanned them in, and played around with them in photoshop till I felt happy with the results. For the article on technology & work-life balance, I dove totally out of my comfort zone and tried out lino-cuts for the very first time! Which are AWESOME. I had so much fun digging around cutting out shapes that I hoped would make sense. And I think for the most part they do! Colour was added in photoshop.