Graphic Recording | Path2Integrity

Last week I got to do graphic recording at an event organized by the EU2020 project Path2Integrity, an initiative aiming to promote and develop materials to teach research ethics and integrity in schools and universities throughout Europe. This would go beyond simply teaching that plagiarism is bad; rather, it helps students to learn what sources to turn to in order to learn the rules, helps researchers understand how to navigate unclear situations, and helps cultivate a culture of respect and transparency within the science and research worlds.

This is the first social sciences event that I’ve done graphic recording for, and I was nervous about not being able to draw plants and animals - but it turned out just fine, and I had so much fun drawing the people who were there!

Skin Microbiomes and Magazine Publications


It's kind of a crazy exciting feeling to open up the mailbox and see something you drew in there. This is an illustration I made to accompany a press release from my university earlier this year, which described current research being conducted on bacterial communities on the skin, and how these change with neurodermitis (eczema). It was so much fun to read the researchers' findings, see how these bacterial communities change and how it is being researched, and to produce diagrams to communicate it.

Now, months later, the research is being covered in this issue of Wirtschaftsmagazin for dermatologists, and I'm totally thrilled to have my pictures included - not just inside the magazine accompanying the article, but on the cover! Huge thanks to Katharina Thier, the author (who I actually met last year at a several-day seminar on visual science communication), who spotted my work in the press release, and gave me the opportunity to have it included in the magazine. If you read German, find her article here!